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Gold Exchange

Your old, broken, or unwanted jewelry is still valuable! Gordon Jewelers will buy these pieces from you for cash or in-store credit. Do you have jewelry you've inherited? Let us take a look and give you an offer on any pieces you'd like to sell.

The Buying Process

We will purchase:

  • Gold: 10k, 14k, 18k
  • Silver
  • Diamonds
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Coins & Bullion


We follow a simple 3 step method for our buying process:

  1. Bring in your items, and we will sort through and arrange it by type.
  2. If the gold or stone types are unknown, our buying experts do a quick, on the spot test to determine the gold type
  3. We weigh your gold and make an offer! If you choose to accept, you’ll get your money the same day.   


Have a lot to sell? Call us and make an appointment, so we can take the time to carefully sort through your items with you.

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